Hire a CHSC

The Certified Health and Safety Consultant (CHSC) certification, instituted in 1994 by the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering in Canada by working with its Members and Partners

The Canadian Society of Safety Engineering is proud of the CHSC certification and promotes the advantages of OHSE professionals in their midst to business, industry, and government at all levels.

Education and Experience

To enter the CHSC program, the candidate must currently be an internal or external health and safety advisor or consultant and have a minimum of five years cumulative work experience within the previous seven years. They must successfully have completed either a one-year college or university certificate in OHSE or a two-year college or university non-OHSE program.

Demonstrated Commitment, Specialized Training, and Examination

CHSC candidates undertake specialized training and have passed mandatory examinations on ethics, legal obligations and liabilities, consulting skills, measurement and evaluation in OHS managed systems, risk management and applied risk communication, project management, OHSE training needs, and leadership on health, safety, and environmental issues.

Ethical Behaviour

CHSCs abide by a peer reviewed Code of Conduct. They commit themselves to high standards of ethical behaviour that requires the highest degree of integrity, and quality in their work. In addition, as members of the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering, CHSCs subscribe to the CSSE Code of Ethics.

Assurance of Protection when acting on Professional Advice

CHSCs are skilled professionals who provide OHSE consultative advice and service. Like other professionals who offer consultation, they are required to maintain current Errors and Omissions Insurance to provide their clients and themselves protection in the rare instance it may be required.

Continuous Professional Growth

To reflect the required high level of competency, the CHSC is required to maintain the designation through a mandatory maintenance program of ongoing Professional Practice, Continuing Education, and Leadership & Volunteer Activity. It is a demonstrable commitment to maintain the required knowledge and skills through professional growth.

Independent Consultative Advice and Leadership

CHSCs bring objectivity and impartiality to a company that is both solution-based and goal-directed. This strong foundation allows for meaningful assistance when decision making and with the consideration of competing influences.

In the era of believing in human capital, the organizations that succeed are those with teams of high performance individuals representing various disciplines. They are leaders who consistently demonstrate expertise, genuine passion for their work, and a clear commitment to ethical behaviour. In the OHSE field, these are traits that CHSCs possess - proven leadership in OHSE.


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