CHSC Maintenance Portal

On your CSSE Profile page, you will see your membership status and contact information as well as your current maintenance period and CHSC Status.

From your CSSE Profile Page, access the CHSC Maintenance Portal through the link in the left-hand menu.

Your CHSC Profile provides an overview of your CHSC information, status and maintenance activity point balance. Below your CHSC Profile are the activity links.

  • “ACCESS” links will display previously entered activity information. All entries can be edited if there is any incorrect information, or you need to add documentation.
  • “ADD NEW” links will open the activity entry forms. The forms are user-friendly, so you can simply enter your information and add your documentation.

Proof of insurance

CHSCs are required to submit proof of professional liability insurance annually.

If “Proof of Insurance” does not have a date listed below the heading or the date has passed, please send in updated insurance proof.

Not sure what you need to submit? Check out CHSC Annual Professional Liability Insurance Submissions for helpful information and templates.

Helpful Documents

CHSC Auditee Tool Kit

Need help? Contact the CSSE office at 437-374-4340 or TF: 1-844-945-0403 [email protected]

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