Essentials of Risk Management for OHSE Practitioners

Course Description

Essentials of Risk Management for OHSE Practitioners is a two-day course that provides the OHSE practitioner with the knowledge, skills and tools to be able to provide effective OHSE-focused risk management advice to company management and to exercise leadership in bringing an understanding the principles of OHSE risk management to the workplace. In this manner, the OHSE practitioner contributes to the building of a Safety Culture within or for his or her business or organization.


“Great course, offered up some fantastic ideas to manage risk. Had a variety of H&S professionals from all over Canada and it was nice to have feedback from many of them along the way. I am loving these virtual courses and am very pleased to be able to participate in them. Having the courses offered this way has allowed me to take more than I could usually get to when held in class.”

Maureen K. Guelph, Ontario


Course participants will be able to:

  • explain the different levels at which risk management may be applied and value the contributions that the organization, workplace teams, and other stakeholders can give to OHSE risk management;
  • use a number of conceptual models and practical tools to assist in defining and explaining OHSE risk management actions;
  • use the Risk Registry processes as an effective tool to manage organizational or workplace risks and hazards;Incorporate basic concepts of OHSE Risk Management into the broader field of risk management within the context of a business or organization’s overall culture.

Course Examination

The course exam is provided to participants by email within five business days of course completion. Participants have 4 weeks from the release date to complete the exam, along with a Statement of Independent Completion. This statement shows that the participant has read and understood the exam instructions, and is submitting an independently completed exam, with any and all collaboration and outside resources are acknowledged therein. The exam deadline is final. Only documented emergencies will be considered by the CSSE as extenuating circumstances for any written request for extension. Please note that delay in opening the exam after delivery, new or added work requirements, and holidays/vacation are not considered extenuating circumstances.

Successful completion of CHSC courses requires completion of a CHSC Exam with a minimum 75% standard. Exams require several hours additional time commitment beyond in-class time for the student to demonstrate mastery of the course expectations. The Exam for the Essentials of Risk Management course has technical content questions based on course materials and a Risk Management Case Study wherein the candidate is expected to apply the principles learned on the course.

Course Instructors

Course Credits

  • CSSE has awarded this course 16 CHSC Maintenance Points.
  • The BCRSP has awarded this course 1.0 CMP.

Course Registration Information

  • Courses will be confirmed to run 21 days prior to the course start date and participants will be notified by email.
    • If a course does not have sufficient enrolment to run, it will be cancelled.
  • Courses require a minimum of 13 participants to run although occasional exceptions may be made depending on circumstances
  • Participants with unpaid registrations must confirm their attendance by completing payment within one week of the email confirmation date. A payment due date will be included in the email notification.
  • Any unpaid registrations will be cancelled 14 days prior to the course start date.
    • Confirmed payments in-process from companies will be taken into consideration.
  • Links to course materials will be sent to all registered participants 10 days prior to the course start date.

Tax Exempt Registrations

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: In order to be eligible for a GST/HST tax exempt course registration, your registration must be requested and paid by an entity with a CRA Tax Exempt status and number.
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10/11/2022 09:30, 10/12/2022 09:30 -- 10/11/2022 17:00, 10/12/2022 17:00
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Essentials of Risk Management for OHSE Practitioners -  Register
12/12/2022 11:30, 12/13/2022 11:30 -- 12/12/2022 19:00, 12/13/2022 19:00
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