Applied Risk Communications for OHSE Practitioners

Course Description

Communication is the key component in every aspect of health and safety, making this session invaluable to every OH&S professional, occupational health nurse, industrial hygienist and the broader risk management community.

This two day course provides OH&S professionals with the opportunity to learn new insights into the role of communication in the management of risk.

Participants will engage in robust and challenging case studies; learn and apply techniques to communicate important information to groups of people who are stressed, concerned or even when apathetic about hazard; proactively plan communication messages; recognize and cope with communications barriers; identify workplace culture issues that could affect communication; learn when and how to apologize and develop powerful risk management communication strategies including the even larger challenge of managing organizational change to accomplish those issue-related changes necessary for moving forward.

Participants will learn and practice more effective interpersonal communication techniques that can be applied immediately to assist in their risk management challenges and be integrated into their risk management plans. This course builds on the material taught in the other two core courses, Consulting Skills and Obligations and Liabilities.

Course participants will be able to:

  • Develop an alternative definition of 'risk' by describing three general categories of risk situations and explaining reasons why these situations arise
  • Model risk communication principles and implement techniques and strategies to resolve risk situations
  • Apply message mapping tools to facilitate effective risk communication
  • Lead employers and clients in assessing risk communication needs and integration plans to resolve risk situations
Additional information on this course and how to register is available here: csse.org/site/career-development/course-descriptions/applied-risk

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