Staff Directory

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Condon, Rick
Digital Marketing and Communications Specialist
Ext. 80 / email

Crisfield, Erin
Lifelong Learning Consultant
Ext. 75 / email

Cunningham, Terry
Director, Conferences & Events
Ext. 35 / email

deGast, Wil
Website Coordinator
Ext. 55 / email

Fridrich, Pete 
Membership Coordinator
Ext. 15 / email

Hewitt, Emily
Project Manager – Awards, Chapter Relations, Member Relations, NAOSH
Ext. 60 / email

Laudy, Sheri
Project Manager - Education/CHSC Certification Program
Ext. 45 / email

Pella, Renzo
Project Manager
Ext. 10 / email

Ruehlen, Perry
Executive Director
Ext. 65 / email

White, Tammy
Course and Conference Registration Coordinator
Ext. 20 / email


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