9-Mar-2022 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Topic Title: Introduction to HOP (Human Organizational Performance)

Cost: Members Free / Non-Members $20

Speakers: Bob Edwards and Andrea Baker

Bob Edwards is a Human & Organizational Performance (HOP) practitioner.  Bob will share with you what he knows and what he does to help organizations gain a deeper understanding of their operations and the complex nature of work.  He will also show how, through collaboration and mutual respect, organizations are becoming more reliable and resilient.  Bob has a BS degree in mechanical engineering from Tennessee Technological University and MS degree in Advanced Safety Engineering Management from the University of Alabama Birmingham.  His work experience includes time as a maintenance man, soldier in the U.S. Army, a design engineer, maintenance and technical support leader, safety leader and assistant plant manager.  Bob is the co-author with Andrea Baker of the book “Bob’s Guide to Operational Learning.”

Andrea Baker started practicing and teaching HOP principles while working for one of the largest multinational industrial companies in the world. As an environmental health and safety leader of manufacturing, assembly and distribution facilities, she worked through the complexity of adopting HOP principles from the ground up. In 2014, she was named the HOP leader for one of the company sectors. She taught HOP Fundamentals and Learning Teams around the US and helped develop and implement strategies to anchor the concepts in existing operating rhythms. She began extrapolating these strategies to a larger scale, and in 2015 became the HOP Senior Expert for the company's 300+ multi-sector locations in Europe. In this position, she coached fatality and serious incident investigations while continuing to train and develop culture change strategies to help embed HOP principles into industrial day-to-day activities. In 2018, Andrea stepped away from her former company to help other organizations on their HOP journey. In her career thus far, Andrea has worked with over 35 companies, across 9 industries, in 16 different countries, and has mentored individuals from every region of the globe. Andrea is the co-author of “Bob's Guide to Operational Learning: How to Think Like a Human and Organizational Performance (HOP) Coach".

Topic Brief: 

  • Complexity Science
  • HOP Foundational Concepts
  • Implementation Strategies
  • Open Discussion
  • Description

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