Building Our Collective Story

Over the last two years, as we weathered the pandemic storm, we’ve also witnessed a renewed global emphasis on health, safety, and the environment, drawing into the limelight health and safety practitioners and professionals.

As a member of the CSSE, you are part of a Canadian network connected from coast to coast to coast and comprising passionate and dedicated professionals.

We are united at the frontlines of workplaces with one dedicated focus: ensuring our colleagues make it home safe at the end of the workday.

We are looking for stories about the experiences of CSSE members.

We hope to capture and share the fullest version of our collective story by building a living archive of the voices of health and safety professionals. We want to hear your stories of joy, celebration, pride and success in the workplace.

Submit Your Story

There are three ways to submit your story

  • Written: Submit a written story
  • Audio: Upload an mp3 file recording of you telling your story
  • Video: Submit a video. You do not have to be on screen

We welcome the stories of health and safety professionals, employers, and the public about their experiences of health and safety in the community. We are looking for stories of joy, celebration, reflection, and success.

Get started

The questions below can help get you started. Tell your story as if you were speaking to a neighbour, or your grandparents, to make it personal and accessible.

Option 1: Your OHS Career

  • Why did you choose to work in health and safety?
  • How do you feel you have made a difference through your work in this field?
  • What are you most proud of?
  • What is your view on the future of the profession?
  • What is one thing you would have otherwise not been able to accomplish in your career if it wasn't for CSSE?

Option 2: A Success Story

  • Can you tell us about a potential health and safety risk you identified?
  • What was the problem (or potential problem) you solved?
  • What was the solution you developed and implemented? What was your role in it?
  • What was the outcome/impact of the initiative or project?
  • What is one thing you would have otherwise not been able to accomplish in your career if it wasn't for CSSE?

How your story will be used

The stories we are collecting have the potential to be used in a variety of ways and be shared publicly by CSSE including, but not limited to: website content, social media, talking points in presentations, and in reports, and/or communications, as determined by CSSE.

Please do not use any real names or information that could be used to identify other people or employers in the content of your submission. Any content or material you share in telling your story must belong to you. If anyone else is included or referenced in your submission, you will need to have their prior written approval to be included.

To submit your story, contact us!

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