Ethics Complaint Procedure

Initiating a Complaint

Who may file

  • Any person, member of CSSE or not, who has reason to believe that a member of the Society has acted in violation of the Code of Ethics or a CHSC designation holder has acted in violation of the CHSC Code of Conduct.
  • The Ethics Committee may initiate a complaint based on alleged violations brought to its attention if allegations are considered to have the potential to cause serious harm to the reputation and professional standards of the CSSE.

How to file

  • Complete an Ethics Complaint Form as provided below.
  • Forward the completed form to the Executive Director of the Society who will send it to the Chair of the Ethics Committee.

Sanctions for abusing complaint procedures

  • Any member who files an ethics complaint to harass another member or abuse the ethics procedures will be subject to disciplinary sanctions at the discretion of the Ethics Committee.


  • Ethics complaints are to be considered privileged and confidential by all parties involved.The people who know about the details of the complaint, at all stages of the complaint procedure, are to be kept to the fewest number possible.
  • Files will be sealed and protected until such time as they are no longer required and then they will be destroyed by shredding the documents.

Waiver of liability

  • Neither the Society nor any officer, employee or agent of CSSE, nor any member of the Board of Directors, the Ethics Committee, or the Hearing Panel shall be liable for any action taken or not taken in relation to these regulations. All possible claims or liability arising out of any such action or failure to act shall be deemed waived by all applicants and members of the Society, as a condition of obtaining and continuing membership



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