CSSE 2019 Webinar Series 2

Only sessions that have complete information AND have been submitted are eligible for consideration.
Should follow up to confirm information be required, a deadline for receipt of that information will be established. Failure to provide the requested information by the deadline established may result in a proposal being excluded from consideration for the webinar program.

WEBINAR SERIES 2: Critical Skills and Hot Topics

Relevant and high quality proposals are invited from individuals who can support CSSE’s efforts in producing a diversity of webinars will challenge conventional thinking and strengthen professional skills. This CSSE webinar series will consist of 3-4 webinars offered between September and December, 2019. Each webinar will be 60 minutes in length, including time for discussion and Q&A.


The focus of CSSE’s Webinar Series 2 is on key new developments in the industry and timeless skills for all OHSE professionals. Sessions will provide highly usable information and techniques. Particular consideration will be given to proposals falling within the following types:

  • Cannabis and the Workplace
  • CSA Standards
  • Legislative and Industry Changes
  • Mental Health
  • Safety Systems
  • Technical Report Writing
  • Effective Communication

Proposals should include relevancy of the topic; a clear outline of design and intended results; details about cutting-edge ideas, experience and learning; and the extent to which the session will address audience needs. Special requirements such as handouts and other resources, polls to be set-up in advance, and discussion elements should be highlighted in the proposal.


Members of CSSE include occupational health and safety professionals with a range of experience, working in a variety of industries. Senior-level viewpoints are particularly encouraged as well as "how to" approaches or case studies. Plan your presentation with the following points in mind:

  1. Use concrete examples;
  2. Include take-aways use immediately;
  3. Use true stories or case studies (don’t be theoretical);
  4. Use best practices, including a variety of opinions.


Webinars are broadly categorized as "all audiences", "intermediate" or "senior" and all should exceed the participants' expectations by enabling them to easily put their new knowledge into practice. Please note that the classifications are based on the H&S role of audience members, and not based on seniority or the number of years one has served in their career. CSSE reserves the right to reclassify a webinar if it is determined by the CMD Subcommittee that the content does not match the submitted classification.

All Audiences Intermediate Senior
Health and safety programs and elements Health and safety management systems (goal-oriented)
Introduction to risk management
Risk and goal-based management systems that include health and safety systems
Hazard identification, assessment and control measures Integration of safety into business process and design Strategic initiatives; national/international measurement and impacts
Compliance issues and legislated requirements Best practices; consensus standards Advocacy for regulatory reasonableness and evolution
Personal/Self-improvement/Awareness Teams/Working with others development Supervisory/Management - advanced development


Presenters are expected to:

  • Provide high-quality handouts and relevant resources and/or samples to participants, including takeaways such as flow charts, one-page summaries, etc. as appropriate;
  • Agree to provide webinar organizers with a soft copy of the handouts for the use of live and recorded webinar participants;
  • Agree to grant permission for CSSE to record your webinar and use the associated material (PowerPoint files) for the purpose of publishing and/or sale of recorded webinars. CSSE may use some or all of these components either in whole or in part, synchronized or not;
  • Agree to pre-record the presentation component of the webinar in advance, for use in case of technical issues at the time of the live webinar;
  • Provide a short outline of the presentation for use in marketing the webinar;
  • Make no substantive changes in content, process, names or numbers of presenters without the approval of the webinar planners;
  • Agree to refrain from marketing their own products or services, beyond one slide at the end of the webinar which may contain your business name and contact information;
  • Share openly their knowledge, experience, skills, and creativity with participants;
  • Agree to a high-quality PowerPoint presentation with at least one interactive element (discussion, Q&A, polls, etc.)

To be considered, please complete this process and submit by April 22, 2019 11:59 pm Pacific Time.

By submitting to the Call for Proposals, you acknowledge you have read and understand all terms and conditions as outlined above.

Since the submission form must be completed in one sitting, here are the submission questions (PDF). Please use this to prepare your submission.

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