CHSCs in Good Standing


The CHSC certification recognizes and promotes excellence in professional consulting and leadership in the area of occupational health and safety. Abiding by a CHSC Code of Conduct, the CSSE members listed below currently hold the CHSC certification in good standing by

  • holding professional liability insurance or company indemnification
  • ensuring their membership with CSSE is current
  • maintaining their certification through on-going Continuing Education, Professional Practice, and Leadership and Volunteer Activities

The CHSC in Good Standing is entitled to add CHSC after his or her name and to personally employ the blue, white and gold CHSC logo. The logo may not be used to imply that a company or organization or employer is registered.

CHSC status

CHSC (R) - Retired and non-practicing certification holders who have ‘retired’ the CHSC certification, are identified by (R) after their name. CHSC (R) indicates an individual who is non-practicing, has retired from the profession but wishes to maintain membership in the Society and to honour the certification. An individual with CHSC (R) does not necessarily hold professional liability insurance nor subscribe to an ongoing maintenance program.

CHSC (LA) - a CHSC on Leave of Absence is identified by (LA) after his or her name. CHSC (LA) may be working less than 50% of the time in the OH&S field or be absent from the profession for LTD, for parental leave, or for elected responsibilities that absents him or her from the profession on a temporary basis. The CHSC (LA) maintains membership in the Society, but may not necessarily hold professional liability insurance/indemnification and may absent himself or herself from the CHSC Maintenance Program during this time.

Retired or Non-practicing certification holders must add CHSC (R) or (LA) on their personal business cards if they wish to identify the certification.

Non-practicing certification holders may elect to re-apply to the CSSE in writing to re-instate the full value of the CHSC certification.

CHSC (R) and CHSC (LA) should not be confused with past/former CHSC certification holders identified elsewhere on the CSSE website.

This list of CHSCs in Good Standing is updated on a monthly basis. As changes may occur between updates, verification of the status of individual CHSC certification holders should be made with the CSSE office.

Please advise the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering of any inaccuracies or discrepancies at 437-374-4340, TF 1-844-945-0403 or [email protected]. Individuals who make claim to the CHSC certification or use the CHSC logo without authorization by the CSSE should be reported to the Society.


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