CHSC Annual Professional Liability Insurance Submissions

CHSCs must provide evidence of professional liability insurance coverage documentation on an annual basis to maintain their CHSC certification. Proof of coverage is to be submitted on or before the expiry date of current coverage.

Not Sure What You Need?

Does your company still provide you with professional liability Insurance?

  • Please ask your employer to produce a letter stating that you are covered under the company's Professional Liability Insurance policy. You can use this template.

Has your personal insurance provider updated or renewed your insurance?

  • If you have arranged to have the same insurance provider update or renew your coverage, please provide a copy of your Certificate of Insurance.
  • Your insurance provider may do this on your behalf, but they MUST INDICATE your full name and/or CHSC Number and the expiry date of coverage. Submissions by providers on behalf of CHSCs that do not identify the policy holder cannot be processed.

Have you recently changed employers or insurance provider?

  • You may have changed employer or insurance company and have professional liability coverage or indemnification through your new company or insurance provider. Please provide either a Certificate of Insurance or a letter on company letterhead confirming your employment and coverage under the company policy.

Need a Template?


How to Submit Updated Insurance Information

You may submit your information by mail, email, or fax.

Attention:  CHSC Certification Program
P.O. Box 51031   RPO Eglinton Square
Toronto, ON   M1L 4T2

Email: [email protected]

Please remember that not supplying updated insurance information can put your certification at risk of probation or revocation.


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