Promoting Your Certification

You earned it, take pride in it!

Your CHSC certification announces to employers, clients, industry, government, OHS&E colleagues, and the general public that YOU and your CHSC colleagues have an advanced standard of professional qualification in the field that sets you apart.

Hire a CHSC

As a CHSC holder, you have an advanced standard of professional qualification, which includes:

  • Specialized training on the practitioner's role in law, ethics, consulting, communications, program evaluation, and project management
  • Adherence to a peer-administrated Code of Conduct
  • The mandate that you carry professional liability insurance or company indemnification
  • Maintenance of your credential through ongoing professional development and practice
  • Unparallel leadership skills in the field

The message is getting across. More and more employers are stating "CHSC Preferred" when hiring occupational health and safety professionals.

What can you do to further promote your certification?

  • Showcase your hard work and dedication by displaying your CHSC certificate prominently. Consider having it framed along with the CHSC Code of Conduct. Download the CHSC Code of Conduct. We recommend using photo/glossy paper for best resolution. Wear your CHSC pin proudly!
  • CHSC Merchandise options allow you to purchase professional framing of your CHSC certificate.
  • Include your "CHSC" designation and logo on your business cards and office e-mail signature. Download the CHSC logo and include it in your letterhead or reports and inter-office memorandums.
  • Use PowerPoint and Word templates that incorporate the CHSC logo into the background of your important safety presentations.
  • Consider purchasing a CHSC embosser or ink stamp to sign off on your letters and reports.
  • Have CHSC promotional material such as "Proven Leadership in OHSE" in your office or available when you’re attending health & safety conferences and meetings. Contact us for copies or download it now.


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