Earn Your CHSC

Interested in the CHSC program?

To obtain the CHSC designation, you must meet specific criteria as well as successfully complete three core courses offered by the CSSE - Legal Obligations and Liabilities of the OHSE Professional, Applied Risk Communications for OHSE Practitioners, and Consulting Skills for the OH&S Professional, as well as three of the elective courses from the CSSE educational offerings.

The CHSC program is applicable to both internal health and safety advisors or external consultants in private practice. All CHSC holders are CSSE members with liability insurance or company indemnification equivalent.

Next Steps

  1. Download the CHSC application form for complete program information and requirements;
  2. Meet Education and Experience pre-qualifications;
  3. Take required CHSC courses and successfully pass all examinations;
  4. Complete final requirements including liability insurance indemnification;
  5. Maintain CHSC Designation.

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