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Member Services

  • Annual Professional Development Conference that includes sessions that will challenge your thinking and provide practical insight into emerging issues that allows you to transfer your knowledge to the health and safety programs in your organization.
  • Opportunity to gain the professional edge your career needs through CSSE's Certified Health and Safety Consultant (CHSC) designation.
  • High quality and informative health and safety professional development courses led by well-trained, knowledgeable instructors - available across Canada.
  • Comprehensive online course offerings that allow you to learn anytime, anywhere there is internet access.
  • CSSE members can register to access several high-quality webinars in a variety of topic areas such as e-Business, Business and Financial Management, Professional and Personal Development Skills, and more.
  • The CSSE Resource Library is designed for sharing resources online within the CSSE community.
  • CSSE's online Publications page serves as repository for CSSE publications, including the online version of Contact Newsletter as well other important documents, brochures, and promotional materials.

Why Join?

Membership in the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering is the perfect means for health and safety professionals of all levels to expand their knowledge; enrich their expertise and explore future issues, strategies and trends.

Code of Ethics

The ethical relationships of members of the Society are defined in order to ensure that their conduct will provide sound judgment in pursuit of their professional duties, will follow the highest standards of integrity, and will uphold the honour and dignity of the safety profession.

With the Public

Members shall limit their involvement in such endeavours to those areas where they have specific knowledge and competence. They shall avoid any form of appearance of a possible conflict of interest.

With Employers or Clients

Members will not abuse their professional affiliations to secure personal advantage and shall avoid conflicts of interest.

In Seeking Employment

Members shall not compete unfairly with other members or utilize improper or questionable methods.

Promotional Practices

Members shall not allow nor participate in exaggerated or misleading statements of their qualifications. They shall not represent their work and/or capabilities in a manner which will discredit or reflect unfavourably upon the profession. Professional papers or articles written for publication shall be factual, dignified and free from self-laudatory implications. Such articles shall convey the author’s degree of participation in the work or program described and shall give appropriate credit to others who share in the activity.

As an Employer

Members shall provide complete information on the position and its status, and shall ensure equal opportunities for professional development of those working under their supervision.

With Other Members

Members shall not take credit for the safety work of others including designs, programs, suggestions, accomplishments, or proprietary interest, and shall not attempt to injure directly or indirectly the professional reputation, prospect or practice of other members. Each member shall cooperate in extending the effectiveness of the profession by the exchange of information and experience and by encouraging fellow members to pursue their continuing education efforts.

Members shall not use the contact information of fellow members (available in the Member directory of the CSSE website) without their consent, other than to contact them singly and directly.

The CSSE Insurance Program

CSSE members have access to comprehensive personal insurance coverage at discounted rates.

CSSE Insurance Program

Canadian Society of Safety Engineering's CHSC Certification

Pursuing the CHSC Certification

Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professional's CRSP Certification

Pursuing the CRSP Certification

Pursuing the CRST Certification


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