New Brunswick Chapter

Safety and Health Week - 2018 Photos

Bathurst - Red Carpet     Bathurst - Red Carpet - Mayor Paolo Fongemie     Miramichi - Red Carpet 
Bathurst - Red Carpet - WorkSafe NB                    Bathurst - Paolo Fongemie (Mayor of Bathurst)      Miramichi - Red Carpet - Arbec Forest Products

Miramichi - Red Carpet     Moncton - Red Carpet - Mayor Dawn Arnold     Moncton - Red Carpet 
Miramichi - Red Carpet - NBCSA                           Moncton - Dawn Arnold (Mayor of Moncton)           Moncton - Red Carpet - Midland

Raising of the Flag - Bathurst     Raising of the Flag - Moncton     Raising of the Flag - Moncton  
Flag Raising - Bathurst                                               Flag Raising - Moncton                                           Flag Raising - Moncton - City Hall

Bathurst - Grand Prize Winner     Miramichi Event Coordinator - Michael Berube     Moncton - Grand Prize Winner 
Bathurst - Grand Prize Winner                            Miramichi Masters of Ceremonies - Michael Berube     Moncton - Grand Prize Winner

Miramichi - Grand Prize Winner     Miramichi - Keynote Speaker     Raising of the Flag - Bathurst
Miramichi - Grand Prize Winner                             Miramichi Keynote Speaker - Christian Fournier        Flag Raising - Bathurst - City Hall

Saint John                                                                  Saint John                                                               Saint John Keynote Speaker - Mike McGovern
Edmundston                                                                Edmundston                                                             Woodstock

Woodstock                                                                   Fredericton                                                              Fredericton Keynote Speaker - Eldeen Pozniak 

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