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It is always great to meet new people and to connect with fellow Chapters members at a local, regional, or national event. Just this Tuesday, I connected with someone at our lunch and learn that I had met at the CSSE PDC in Vancouver. It's a small (safety) world! For me, networking is an important part of making the most of my membership. What is your reason for being a CSSE member? As the Chapter grows, we are always looking for ways to bring value to your membership. You can see this with our new book club, the networking initiatives at our events, and The Associate (blog/email) that is created to help streamline communications.

The intention of the Communications and Engagement Committee, and all of the other Chapter committees, is to provide value to you - our member. The Chapter currently has a mailing list of over 1200, but our active member list is 674 people. For the CommEng Committee, it is an important distinction because our chapter budget is generated by how many active members that are associated with the chapter; and furthermore, we want to ensure that you are getting the most out of your membership. I know that any executive or board member would welcome discussion on this topic; and we always have one, or more, available at each one of our engagement opportunities.

How the Communications and Engagement Committee is creating membership value:

  • The Associate - streamlining communications to our members with bimonthly emails and blog posts featuring updates from the board, committees, chapter events, and more!
  • Book Club - discussions about safety themes; these meetings will be free to anyone to attend, but for our active members you also will have an online meeting option
  • Social Media - keep up to date with the Chapter on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn; creating interaction between members
  • Networking - engagement between members at our events is important; our goal is to provide ways for members to grow and develop their professional network
  • New Members - onboarding information for new members to help create a foundation of engagement
  • Access CSSE - information and live streaming available to members (in final testing stages at national/regional levels)

This is a busy time for the CommEng volunteers! There are a few more initiatives that we are working on behind the scenes but do not want to give away spoilers; unless you follow us on social media because we tend to give a few hints about our projects on our feeds.

I am honored to be your Communications and Engagement Committee Director and am committed to making the most of your membership. Feel free to reply to this email or to approach me (or any Board member) at an event if you have suggestions on how to advance our communication and engagement.

Aimee Arsenault
Communications & Enagement Director


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