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Chapter Operations Guide

Chapter Operations Guide (PDF)

The following are the base expectations of an active chapter. Below you will find further details on these expectations and available resources to assist in achieving them.

Elected Chapter Executive

June elections will be held as necessary to complement a full chapter executive to consist of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Past Chair.


Quarterly Chapter Executive Meetings

The chapter executive will meet, at minimum, quarterly during the year to discuss the operations of the chapter.


Six Chapter Meetings or Events

Chapter meetings and events are the backbone of the chapter’s function and there is an expectation that chapters will participate in at least six functions throughout the year. These are opportunities for members to network and gain professional development. It is also an opportunity for new members to engage with the society and see the value of membership.


Annual General Meeting

A general meeting will be held for the full chapter membership yearly. This meeting will be used to review financials and chapter activities. The AGM can also be used to facilitate elections for the chapter.


Fiscal Responsibility/Audit

The chapter treasurer has an on-going responsibility to establish and maintain the financial matters in accordance with the CSSE By-laws. Additionally, the treasurer shall ensure that the following financial activities occur:

  • On a regular basis, keep the Executive Committee appraised of the Chapter financial status, e.g. trends, bank account balances, etc.;
  • On a periodic basis, appraise the Chapter members of the general status of the Chapter’s financial picture;
  • Upon request of a Chapter member, provide details of the Chapter’s current financial status;
  • Annually, perform an informal audit of the Chapter’s financial records; a member of the Chapter [excluding officers] may be enlisted to participate in this audit, and
  • On a recommendation from the Chapter Executive the Treasurer will arrange for a formal audit of the Chapter’s financial records, in advance of a new Treasurer coming into office.

Chapter should be aligned with a fiscal year end of June 30.

Member Recognition

The CSSE Awards & Recognition Program is designed to acknowledge service and recognize achievement at all levels of the organization thereby providing a means for showcasing CSSE’s broad people talent.

Participating in this process provides a Chapter with an excellent means of saying “Thank-you” to members and groups of members who have given their time to promote and improve the profession and the ideals for which it stands. Without that investment, all we have are un-sung heroes. Details of the various types and levels of the awards and recognition program can be accessed through csse.org/site/about/awards-of-excellence.

Additionally, the CSSE distributes lapel pins that mark the milestones of membership. The pins and list of members to receive them will be sent every January to be presented by the chapter.


Outreach to New Members

Making the CSSE known to the public and potential new members is vital to the society. Including the next generation of safety professional into the fold to be heard and to provide them with historical knowledge will create stronger individuals and communities. There are many OHS educational programs across the country that educate hundreds of new students each year. Following their education and entrance into the workforce many are looking for a likeminded community to rely on. Similarly, professionals that have changed roles or industries may need a group to rely on. It is the chapters responsibility to make their presence known within the community and activities known to potential members.


Up-to-Date Website

The development of a chapter website is one means for a chapter to communicate with its members, potential members and members from chapters across Canada.

Each chapter is provided a chapter page on the national CSSE website www.csse.org. This page will service as the chapter’s official website. The chapter sites provide a platform to provide general information, event registrations, resources, news and more. Chapter chairs are given an executive login that allows them to check membership numbers, send emails to members and create event registrations.

Please contact the CSSE office for assistance with your chapter page.


Leadership Development

Each chapter executive is responsible for bringing in new volunteers to take over the chapter and passing on the knowledge they have gained during their service.


Completion of the Annual Chapter Report and Plan

Once a year in coordination with the aligned chapter fiscal year ends (June 30) and elections the chapter is required to complete a report on the activities of the chapter over the past year and plans for the coming year. These reports allow the CSSE office to ensure that the chapters are inline with the requirements of the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act as well as meeting the requirements for Officers and Directors liability coverage. The submission of the annual report and plan will trigger the issuing of the chapter’s annual rebate cheque.


Regular Contact with Regional Vice President

Each of the five regions of the CSSE are represented by a Regional Vice President (RVP). The RVP for each region is an elected member of the CSSE Board of Directors. The RVP for your region is the chapters’ direct link to CSSE nationally. The RVPs are a support system for chapters that are there to facilitate the sharing of best practices as well as bring information from the Board of Directors.


Social Responsibility

Each chapter should strive to involve and improve the community in which it is a part of. The knowledge and experience shared by the members of chapter can be used for the betterment of the health and safety experience of the surrounding area.

Other Resources Available:

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